Using Layers Mode for Zoom in Q&A Sessions



Coming soon to Quiz and other Sessions. 

What is the Zoom Layers Mode?

The Zoom Layers Mode is a feature on the Pigeonhole Live Zoom App. When enabled during a Q&A Session, it will overlay the Active Question on the host's video feed, allowing participants to see the host and Active Question simultaneously. Zoom Layers Mode creates a visually engaging way for Hosts to present content on Zoom Meetings and Webinars without using the Projector Panel and sharing their screen.

Learn how to set up the Pigeonhole Live App for Zoom meetings.


  • We recommend you allow time to test run the Layers Mode because the first time Layers Mode is turned on, your Zoom client would update or install some supporting utilities.
  • After the download is complete, you would need to re-open the Pigeonhole Live Zoom App and turn on the Layers Mode. 

Screenshot_2023-04-24_at_13.21.53.jpegZoom update prompt.  

How to use the Zoom Layers Mode on a Session

  1. Sign into your Zoom meeting.

Screenshot_2023-05-15_at_22.47.31.pngZoom homepage.

  1. Click on My Apps and select Pigeonhole Live

image__16_.jpegOngoing Zoom meeting. 

  1. Next, log in to your Pigeonhole Live account. 

Before_Meeting_-_Login_screen.jpegPigeonhole Live Zoom App login page. 

  1. Select your workspace.

Before_Meeting_-_Workspace_selection_screen.jpegPigeonhole Live Zoom App select workspace page. 

  1. Select the Session you want to connect to your Zoom meeting. 

image__17_.jpegSelect Session prompt.

  1. After choosing a Session, enable the Layers Mode feature on the side panel of the app.

unknown__5_.pngZoom meeting before the Host enables the Layers Mode.

unknown__6_.pngZoom meeting after the Host enables the Layers Mode.

  1.  Once this is done a bright orange indicator appears at the top right corner of the screen to confirm that Zoom Layers is now active in your meeting. The Host's video would be spotlighted for everyone in the meeting. 


  1. To spotlight a particular question, click Active and it will display at the bottom of the screen.

unknown__2_.jpegZoom meeting with Active Question overlaid on the screen. 

  1. To mark a question as answered, select Answered.

unknown.jpegCelebratory animation showing an Active Question has been answered. 


  • The Zoom Layers feature is only available on desktop and requires Zoom Client v5.13.1 or higher.
  • The Host can only enable Zoom Layers Mode on one Session at a time. 
  • If they switch to another Session, the Layers Mode for the previous Session will be turned off automatically.
  • The Host can apply the Layers Mode to hidden and casted Sessions.
  • Participants must launch the Pigeonhole Live app in Zoom in order to submit questions.
  • There must be three attendees, including the Host, for the Host to be spotlighted and able to toggle on the Layers Mode.
  • The Zoom Layers feature only works when the Host’s video is turned on. When the Host has their camera off, and they toggle the Layers Mode, Zoom will prompt the user for permission to turn on the user’s camera.  

unknown__7_.pngZoom requesting the Host to turn on the camera. 

unknown__8_.jpegPrompt after Host tried to turn on the Layers Mode without the camera.