Start collaborating with your team

We're making it easier for teams to work together on events in Pigeonhole Live. Available only with Enterprise Plan, team collaboration allows you to invite other team members, and assign them roles with different access. Team members all share equal access to Pigeonhole setup and data. Teams also provide ways for increased security by implementing controls such as an email domain whitelist for team members and password policies controlling password reuse and validity period.

Enterprise Plan also includes certain features not available in per event Pigeonholes such as:

  • Archives - move Pigeonholes that have ended to the archives for easier organisation
  • Templates - easily create templates of Q&A, poll and survey sessions and speaker profiles that your team will frequently use and save valuable time

Dashboard account users with access to Teams can continue to maintain their own private Pigeonholes in their own personal account. They can also join multiple teams and switch between teams seamlessly.

For more information about Teams and our Enterprise Plan, contact your account representative, send us a support request from within your Dashboard, or write to us at