What is included in the free Basic Plan?

From April 2017, in addition to revised pricing plans, we also have a free Basic Plan. This article explains how you can add Basic Plans as well as how to make the most of the Basic Plan.

Why Basic Plan?

It's free! We want to enable more events and meetings to leverage our interactive capabilities and increase engagement with audiences. We recognise that not everyone is able to pay for such a service so we made it free. We also intentionally treat the data collected similarly with our paid plans, which means that your data is private and encrypted.

What is included with the Basic Plan?

Basic Plan includes 1 Q&A and 1 Poll session without filtering. It also supports 1000 participants. Basic Plan comes with Overview Insights, which provides overall statistical data but does not include user responses and downloadable data reports. To get access to those, you can purchase the Upgrade to Engagement Insights. This will provide the same Insights capabilities as our paid plans.

You also cannot beef up your Basic Plan with add-ons such as additional Q&A sessions and participants. For these, we recommend that you upgrade to a Manage Plan or higher.

Create Free Event

Basic Plans are available from your personal Dashboard account. On the Pigeonholes page, you'll see a new option, "Create Free Event". Once you click on this option, a new Basic Plan Pigeonhole will be added immediately.


Setting up a Basic Plan is the same as setting up any other Pigeonhole.