What is the difference between Overview Insights and Engagement Insights?

The Insights in your Pigeonhole is where you go to see the engagement levels in your Pigeonhole, as well as to view all user responses and download them in PDF and Excel reports.

Pigeonholes created with our Basic Pigeonhole will have a limited Insights capability through Overview Insights. This allows you to only see the total number of participants that engaged on Pigeonhole Live, as well as user response counts such as the total number of questions, answers, votes and comments. With Overview Insights, you don't actually see the actual user responses like the questions, answers or comments on Insights. You are also unable to download and keep indefinitely, the data collected, via the PDF and Excel reports.

Overview Insights


On the other hand, Engagement Insights that comes default with Manage Pigeonhole and above, provides the full Insights experience with access to user responses as well as PDF and Export reports.


Basic Pigeonholes can still gain access to Engagement Insights by purchasing an add-on, "Upgrade to Engagement Insights". This can be purchased anytime before, during and even after the Pigeonhole has ended.


Data collected on Pigeonhole Live is always private and encrypted.